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Instructions for your use

1.Click this button to open GD.findi.

2.Install Silverlight follow the instructions.           

Your computer is not installed Mictrosoft Silverlight, your computer screen is displayed below.
※ You do not need to install Silverlight when your computer screen is dislplayed GD.findi home page.
Click Silverlight icon to start the installation.

Silverlight sart install

Click"Run" and install Microsoft Silverlight

*For Silverlight support,please visit Microsoft page.
Microsoft, Silverlight and Silverlight Logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation(USA) in the USA, Japan and other countries.

3. Input user name and password sent from GD.findi support center by mail.

Please see below how to log in GD.findi.

GD.findi ログイン手順

    If you forget user name or password, you can call GD.findi support center.
    GD.findisupport center gdfindi_support@lexer.co.jp

Important reminder

Use Internet Explorer 11.             

Use Internet Explore 11. GD.findi cannot be used in Microsoft Edge browser of Windows10.

When you start up with GD.findi simulation engine named "Reactor",
 unblock pop-up blocker.  

Internet Explorer・・・"Option of this site"-"Always allow "

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