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Overview of GD.findi

Concept of Production System in GD.findi

Production system in GD.findi is present in the following figure. In GD.findi production system it consists a floor plan (layout information), a process plan (process design information), and resources (transportation, workers, tools).These three components are the basic design information of a production system. In addition, the concept which links design information together and defines the behavior of the production production system is called “Activities”.

Moreover, only when “Work element(process)” in the process plan are associate with “Stations(workstation)” in the floor plan allows Activities to be performed. Activity occurs dynamically depending on the status of the production system and disappears when it is terminated. Furthermore, the nature of the production system can be changed based on the "Behaviors" defined for that Activity.

For example, a Behavior is defined as a set of rules, such as “if a workstation can perform more than one activity, which one should take precedence?”. Once users learned the setting method of Behavior, modeling in GD.findi will be simpler and diversified.

Overview of GD.findi