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GD.findi Help


・Announcement of update

GD.findi and GD.findi Reactor was updated.

Date: December 25, 2019

Make sure you are using the latest version of GD.findi.

If the version of GD.findi is different from latest one, please delete WEB browser cashe and restart. How to clear cache, this page.

Latest version

  • GD.findi:4.5.7200.20573
  • GD.findi Reactor:4.5.7300.7936
  • Silverlight:5.1.50918.0

Let’s learn the basic operation of GD.findi with E-learning course.

In this website we provide video instructions and examples that help our new users to get started with GD.findi. Click on the image below to open GD.findi E-learning website.


Insert the same username and password as GD.findi M&S, choose Course 1: Basic training.
For further instructions on using the E-learning system, please click here.

Release notes

Updated on January 31, 2019


■ Additional functions

  • Added Agent model "Conveyor Async Fifo"

■ Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug related to model assigning multiple products to one production process.

Updated on June 15, 2018


■ Additional functions (Details)

  • Added Agent model "Kanban_System."
    Using "Kanban_System", you can simlation based on kanban method.
  • Added the function mapping arcs and ports.
    The created arc and port is mapped automatically.
  • Added the function simulating the synchronized production system.
    Setting cycle time to a module, you can simulation the the synchronized production system.

    ■Specification changes

  • Changed the part ID's specification.
    By setting a common part ID between deffernt products and process, parts are shered by different production processes.

Updated on April 13, 2016


■ Additional functions (Details)

  • Added the edit function of Transport Activity.
  • Added the command of Activity Behavior [INV].
  • Added the command to the Cause Condition of Station Activity.
  • Added the command to the Activation Condition of Station Activity.

    ■Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug related to release flow.
  • Fixed a bug related to the non-display function of the station of the material chart.
  • Fixed a bug related to Undo.
  • Fixed a bug related to dispersion pattern.

Updated on June 10, 2015


■ Additional functions

  • Additional "Life" function of tooling resource.
    Additional function that depending on the number of times, the time for “Life” defined, tooling activity will cause.
  • Added “SQ” function to stations.
    When some work elements assign to the station, you can define the order of work element to carry out in a station.

    ■Specification changes

  • Changed the days displayed in Production Cockpit to three columns.
  • Changed the handling of tooling Activity when you edit it by Bulk settings.
    When you updated a Station Activity by Bulk settings, The tooling activity that is not change the associate with a station and a work element, which is defined to the station activity , will not be deleted.

Updated on May 8, 2015


Comming soon..

Updated on April 6, 2015


■ Additional functions

  • When you click"Production Rendering", Production Rendering Panel will launch.
  • Added function to assign the date and time by production order.

    ■ Specification change

  • Changed that when you click "Production Panel",Production Rendring Panel will launch.
  • Changed that setting the "Production Planning" on the Production Rendring Panel.
  • Changed the name of "System Setting" to "Rendering Setting".
  • Changed that setting the Redring setteing on the Production Rendering.
  • Changed that you can select one production planning from a number of those and run the production rendering.
  • Changed that set the specific part ID as an activation condition.
  • Changed that delete the botton of production and system at the project page.

    ■ Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug related to entering the part on work element.
  • Fixed a bug related to action of station actibity.

Updated on March 17, 2015


■ Additional functions

  • Addition of function of registration to parts master

    If you add the information of input parts or output parts to the work process, those information will register to the parts master of inside of GD.findi.

    Because of this function, when you set down the product which you entered once, parts name will be automatically changed .

    Parts master itself will change when you parts change ID and parts name which are already existed.

    Therefore, please be careful of that parts name of same ID included in all work processes will be changed in a lump by the operation.

    In addition, when you change the parts ID and parts name to the work process, enter the information after deleting the input line.

    ■ Specification change

  • When the stock is at the station which is not registerd to the production plannning,work process is executed.

    ■ Bug fix

  • Work time of station actibity is fixed.

Updated on Feburary 10, 2015


■ Additional functions

  • Added function of Tooling Activity
  • Added function of give a cause condition to Station Activity
  • Added function of specify the start time display
  • Added Quick Start

■ Specification change

  • Changed the How to Create a new Project
  • Changed to allow the System Settings on the GD.findi
  • Changed to allow a common Worker Behavior in Transport Activity and Station Activity
  • Changed the design of GD.findi Reactor
  • Changed System Settings on GD.findi Reactor as override parameters

■ Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug related to Drug & Drop
  • Fixed a bug related to Bulk settings
  • Fixed a bug related to Production Activity Setting panel

Updated on July 11, 2014


■ Bug fix

  • Fixed bug about opening project that has ports connected with arc between deferent stations.
  • Fixed bug about undo function that stations are aligned.
  • Fixed bug about undo function that ports are moved to another station.
  • Fixed bug about transportation function in case of frequency work in work element setting.
  • Fixed bug about calculation of total loading and unloading time.
  • Fixed bug about simulation does not stop over ‘production goal’.

Updated on July 3, 2014


■ Additional function

  • Add the function to change displayed color of each work element and interconnect line between work element.
  • Add the function to highlight work element on your mouse over on the station that associated to its element.
  • Add the function to support production line balance analysis.
    There is detail explanation for use.

〜 Production line balance analysis 〜

  1. Added the useful tool for production process planning.
    You can use it from tool menu which is located right top of GD.findi home page.
  2. GD.findi_login

  3. Click tool menu and tool list will be activated as a pull-down menu.
  4. GD.findi_tool_menu

  5. Check the target tool to use and tool panel that you chose will be displayed.
  6. GD.findi_tool_menu_display

  7. There are some explanation of each tool.
  8. ・Product list and panel.

    Select products from the list of products to register on production line balance analysis.


    ・Production process workload chart panel.

    You can see workload chart regarding to the product you selected. You selected(not check box, click the name of product) from production selection panel will be displayed. Vertical line means work time and work elements are placed in horizontal.

    If move cursorpf your mouse over the cell as work element on production process workload chart panel, the work element on production process pane will be highlighted. Also, name of work element and work time are displayed near the cursor.


    ・Floor plan workload chart panel

    Workload chart associated with station is displayed.On this chart, products that are checked on product lists are displayed. If you select several products, work time cell of each products are shown piled up as a percentage. On the other hand, if you select one, vertical axis shows time. Horizontal axis shows station on floor plan.

    Cell of same color in workload chart shows same product.Also, color of work time cell on the workload chart and product name on product selection panel are displayed same color. If you move the cursor over the workload chart of floor plan, the station and work time are highlighted on floor plan pane. Products name, staton name, work element name , and rate of work time are displayed near the cursor.


  9. More information of floor plan workload chart.
  10. There is an example about floor plan workload chart.Each axis of workload chart shows as noted below.
    ・Horizontal axis: station
    ・Vertical axis: percentage of summation of ( work time× production quantity)

    Product A: production quantity(10)

    Product B: production quantity(20)

    ・Work elements of productionA :2

    Work time of work element A-1:30(sec)

    Work time of work element A-2:40(sec)

    ・Work elements of production.

    Work time of work element B-1:20(sec)

    Work time of work element B-2:10(sec)

    ・Floor plan:2 stiation

    Station 1 has work element A-1 and work element B-1

    Station 2 has work element A-2 and work element B-2

    Work time of each station

    Work time of station1=30×10+20×20=700

    Work time of station2=40×10+10×20=600

    Therefore,a percentage of stations on the floor plan is

    A percentage of work time of station1=700/700×100=100

    A percentage of work time of station2=600/700×100=85.7
    On production line balance analysis,percentage of this calculating formulai is displayed as a vertical axis.

■ Specification change

  • Changed expression "cycle time" to "work time" on production order setting panel.
  • Changed expression ‘cycle time’ to ‘work time’ of station activity setting panel.
  • You can enter only singe byte texts in ‘input part ID’ on work element panel.
  • You can enter only singe byte texts in ‘output part ID’ on work element panel.
  • You can select only 2 kinds of station type which are WORKSTATION and STATION-SET.
  • Regarding to setting production process, ‘parts name’ or ‘parts ID’ required to be the same description as product name.
  • Default setting of behavior of station activity is changed to be equal for responsible stations in terms of the rate of operation.
  • When you don’t set anything for behavior, activity selects the one to be equal for responsible stations in terms of the rate of operation.

    Station activity takes the station having maximum value which is followed as below.

    (current quantity in stock) × {(work time) ÷ (number of input parts of work element)}

    =(current quantity in stock) × (processing time of each product)

    In other words, changed station behavior specification to select the station having maximum time to execute all of stock.

    As a result,finishing time of work of each station will be leveling.

■ Bug fix

  • Bug that condition of station activity is not reflected is corrected.